Toastmasters' General Council

Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies

 for every occasion

Welcome to the official website of the Toastmasters' General Council

The Professional Body for Toastmasters

 and Masters of Ceremonies 


This website is maintained by the Toastmasters' General Council

for the information of Toastmasters, MCs

and members of the public alike.


The TGC encourages all Toastmaster organisations to consider

 joining the Council in order that

 the work of Toastmasters and MCs  in the UK and abroad

can be improved and standardised.


The TGC also enables potential clients to ensure that their

chosen Toastmaster or MC is affiliated to a fully qualified body

which is  governed by strict rules of protocol and conduct.

All the member organisations have their own entry criteria

 but they all work to a very high standard

to ensure the client is fully satisfied with the service they receive.


The Council meets twice a year and

all the member organisations are in regular contact

with each other  to ensure a smooth flow of

knowledge and experiences.


Contact any of the member organisations for an affiliated Toastmaster